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BRAIN dose

The best telemetry device to learn your limits

BRAIN dose has the most complete set of sensors, designed for motorsport but suitable for everyday activities.

Small and solid. The perfect device for your car or go-kart.

Durable. The rechargeable battery guarantee lasting up to 1 day of acquisition.

Lap compatison and deep analysis.

Theoretical lap and intermediates with gas and breaking points.

Consistency analysis.


BRAIN dose works with the BERACING mobile app. Offering an affordable, easy-to-use product to record training sessions, practice laps or races with BeRacing telemetry.

  • The best telemetry data for motorsports

    Lap comparison, deep analysis, theoretical lap and intermediates with gas and breaking points, consistency analysis, dedicated section for annotations and feelings. Work like a true professional towards beating your own times, and those of your friends... In just one app!

  • Start registering a session with the ghost mode

    Learn your limits and overcome them! Choose a previous session and try to beat yourself. Again and again.

  • Share your perfomances and be the best

    You can easily share your performance and show to the entire world your improvements.

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What’s inside BRAIN dose

BRAIN dose contains a full range of sensors that measure all aspects of your performance.

20 Hz GPS+Glonass to collect data on your favorite racetracks or trails
4GB memory to store all of your performance data
Microphone to measure RPMs, gear changes and other
Up to 1 KHz 9-axis inertial sensor o measure and report acceleration, rotation and position
Wi-Fi y BTLE allows you to connect BRAIN dose with your smartphone and keep it updated
Rechargeable battery lasting up to 1 day of acquisition
Embedded device with advanced Android based operating system and open SDK
Intel inside dual core processor
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Be Racing offers anyone the opportunity of recording their session and analysing their racing progress.

Roberto Gomez Professional Engineer - Porsche Motorsport

Only through information will a driver understand their own limits, put them to the test and overcome them; just like professionals do.

Alejandro Fuentes Racing driver

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